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Tour de Cinque Ports

Mar 28, 2022 | Club Event

During the 6 months of British Summer time Hythe Cycling Club will be hosting a tour called “Tour De Cinque Ports”. It will focus on rides between the Cinque Port Towns over 6 stages. Each stage will be hosted over a month and results of the stages will be published in the first week of each following month. All stages will have different lengths and challenges and can be incorporated in to a group ride. There will be 4 categories based on the different groups within the club: Fast, Inters, Steady and a separate category for female riders, however efforts by female riders will be counted in all categories.



You must be a fully paid member of HCC

You must be a member of the HCC Strava group

Efforts will be kept in a league format of the six months of British summer time for both male and female

Only efforts during the month will count towards the final standings and the GC

Group rides are welcome to attempt stages but remember that this is a timed event, there’s no need to go elbow to elbow to the line. Look out for each other!

Ride safe. This is just for fun so do not jeopardise the safety of yourself, other cyclists or other road users. This is just for fun!

No cheating!




1st 11 points

2nd 9 points

3rd 8 points

4th 7 points

5th 6 points

6th 5 points

7th 4 points

8th 3 points

9th 2 points

1 point


Results will be announced in the first week of each month, there will be a reward ceremony at Christmas, crowning our 2022 winners!

Have fun and be safe, it’s only for HCC fun!

Look out for the first route, April, The prologue…

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