Group Ride Signals & Calls

Work together and keep safe

Hand Signals

The hand signals section of this site will be updated. 

For the time being – please see this selection of signals at

Ride rules can be found –  here


Front riders should make the rest of the group aware of hazards such as:

  • Pot Holes
  • Approaching Vehicles (Car up)
  • Other cyclists
  • Walkers
  • Runners
  • People walking dogs
  • Horses
  • Provide a refuge for passing cars by splitting into smaller units where appropriate
  • Calling Single out / Single up
  • Slowing and stopping call as well as signal



Riders at the rear of the group should call out for:

  • Vehicles approaching from the rear (Car Back)
  • Vehicles coming through
  • Calling Single out / Single up to ensure the group is riding in single file where necessary


Riders in the group

  • Please pass along shouts so others are aware of what is happening at either end of the group
  • Please let riders adjacent to you know if you wish  to slot in between them, by pointing to the position you wish to take (wait for a nod or verbal  acknowledgement before doing so)
  • There may be occasions where you need to let riders in front of you know where you are in relation to them – do this by shouting – inside, if you are on the left of the rider,  or outside, if on the right

The Hythe Cycling Club is affiliated to British Cycling

You can join the club Here or via  British Cycling online. Note: there is a £1 admin fee if you join any BC club online.

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