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Sunday Ride groups

Fast Group

Average Speed 18+ mph | Average mileage 45 miles

A group ride designed for experienced cyclists who are used to riding in a close group at high speed for the duration of the ride. This group ride in a peloton style taking turns on the front and using the ‘through and off’ technique to keep the pace up.

Fast Intermediate Group 

Average Speed 18 mph | Average mileage 45 miles

A challenging group ride for the experienced club cyclist. The group operates as a cohesive unit, taking turns on the front of the peloton to ensure riders share the workload. The group enjoys periods of increased pace as part of the ride and this in turn makes an ideal platform for progression to the fast group.

Intermediate Group 

Average Speed 16-18 mph | Average mileage 45 miles

Much the same as the fast intermediate group, but at a little more relaxed pace.

Steady Group

Average Speed 12-14 mph | Average mileage 40 miles

A less aggressive ride to enjoy the Kent countryside and maintain or develop the riders level of fitness. Ideal for experienced riders that wish to cycle at a reduced pace and for new cyclist’s that have limited experience of riding in a group.

Progression Ride

Average Speed 12-14 mph | Average mileage 25 miles

If you are into your fitness and want to take your riding to a next level, recovering from injury, or longing to rejoin the pack following a break from the sport, then this is the ride for you. The ‘Progression’ rides are 15-30 miles in length and aimed at improving your fitness so that you can progress to one of the groups above. The rides are scheduled over the Spring and Summer. Look out for this poster

Beginners Group

We are currently not able to provide a ride for beginners. However, if a sufficient number of people show an interest then the Club will consider arranging a specific ride for beginners.

Other Ride Groups

Periodically the Club arranges other group rides such as a Cafe Stop Ride, Hilly Group, or a Single Speed Group. 


Juniors are welcome in whichever group suits their ability, but must be accompanied for the duration of the ride in that group by a guardian.



The Hythe Cycling Club is affiliated to British Cycling

You can join the club Here or via  British Cycling online. Note: there is a £1 admin fee if you join any BC club online.

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