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Folkestone Vaccination Centres – Help Required

Mar 20, 2021 | General News, Club News

Our friends at Shepway Sports Trust have asked if we can share the message below

They are asking for volunteers to help at the Folkestone Covid Vaccination Centres. If anyone is able to help, please respond as detailed in the copy of the email below.

Thank you.

to joe.sullivan@channelrotary.org.uk

Hello all partner clubs,

I do hope everyone is well.
You will remember I sent an email to you all in January (copy below) on behalf of the Channel Rotary Club who were looking for volunteers to assist with the vaccination roll out. The response was fantastic to which both Shepway Sports Trust and the Channel Rotary are extremely grateful.

The volunteer organiser Joe Sullivan who is copied into this email is looking for further support as volunteer numbers have dropped in recent weeks so a further push is required so they can stay on track with the vaccination programme which will contribute to all of us getting back to some normality in our lives, including competitive club sport.

Could I kindly ask that you share this message with your members once more and ask if anyone able to support can contact Joe Sullivan of the Channel Rotary Club on the following email address: joe.sullivan@channelrotary.org.uk
There are a variety of volunteering opportunities available across both Folkestone vaccination sites. The Civic Centre in Castle Hill Avenue and the former Debenhams building in Folkestone town centre.
Thank you once again, and I do hope I will get to see many of you in the near future when our lives begin to return to normal.

Best wishes

Barry Pluck
Shepway Sports Trust
General Manager

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